The Journey

It all began in a dingy corporate cafeteria in 2006, where Ben first met Sumit Jain (CEO of Eisco Global).

Sumit traveled all the way from India to make a (fairly) cold sales call to the corporation Ben worked at the time. They met in a dingy cafeteria conference room, where Sumit presented physic items he had designed and manufactured. As Ben tinkered with the products, he discovered they were good…really good! The quality and passion put into the products and Sumit’s warmth of character; it was an instant connection for the two! Their businesses fiercely grew together, selling Eisco products through Ben’s channels and designing new products, all while having a great time. However, as their synergies were taking-off, Ben had to break the news to Sumit that he was leaving his corporate world to pursue more entrepreneurial and R&D based endeavors. As that conversation developed, the two knew this wasn’t the end for their working relationship, they had to continue in some capacity...

Ben founded ENALAS, where it first started out by designing Eisco products. It then expanded to marketing those products, and then added distribution and supply chain of those products. They were initially in the Science Education products, but then expanded into Industrial and Research Scientific supplies.

The Eisco-ENALAS bond is one-of-a-kind, and one of the relationships ENALAS is most proud of in this world. Today, although we are thousands of miles apart, we’re like brothers with a similar outlook, hope for the world, and long term views.

What Eisco Does

It is said that if you tipped a science classroom or lab upside-down, everything that would fall out (that is not a chemical or specimen), Eisco manufactures. This is closely accurate, as Eisco manufactures nearly 10,000 unique science products in over 300,000 sqft of global manufacturing space!

Eisco Scientific is the North American division of Eisco. Eisco Scientific creates product design, testing, strategy, marketing, customer support for Eisco globally, and distribution for those products in North America.

Eisco eisco is comprised of 4 divisions
Science Education (
Industrial Science (
Science Education Project Management
Consumer Science

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