The Journey

In graduate school, Ben always loved how Planck’s constant was an odd piece of the physics puzzle that made several theories work in the real world. Ben felt those theories brought scientists and communities together, and that is what hBARSCI (pronounced h – bar – sci) does.

hBARSCI sells science supplies through nontraditional science channels so that scientists, engineers, experimenters, and educators could buy scientific goods at smaller, more palatable units of measure and economics.

In 2012, Amazon ventured into the B2B industrial goods supply space as “Amazon Supply”. It was first created in the traditional sense of buying direct from manufactures, however as their thinking matured on multicolor markets, they began BISS (Business and Industrial Scientific Supply) for third party retailers. hBARSCI instantly saw the opportunity for servicing to new markets in this new way! With this new opportunity, we were able to experiment with data analytics to promote and seek out buyers of scientific goods at unique times, discovering that beakers or newton’s cradle were popular holiday gifts?!

Fast forward to today, hBARSCI is focused on selling scientific goods through multi-seller markets such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, etc..

What hBARSCI Does

hBARSCI focuses on three things:

1. Technology Stack
We compile massive amounts of data about our products, customer feedback, technical information, as well as supply chain information into our technology so that we can stream that data out to all selling channels simultaneously and accurately.

2. Shipping Fast
We ship same day: Any order that comes in before 2pm ships out that same day.

3. Customer Support
We answer the phone, text, direct message (DM), and chat online with real folks (many of whom are scientifically educated).

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