Mission & Vision

E.N.A.L.A.S. - Everyone Needs A Little Assistance Sometimes

Our mission is to help others. As generic or altruistic as that sounds it is very much true. Every business unit, opportunity, and breakthrough we have had, has come from helping others.

Our assistance is focused on a few areas:

Manufacturers – We are looking to acquire or help manufactures go to market through a variety of ecommerce channels.

Community – We view one of our majority responsibilities as giving back to the community through profit share allocation to charities and those in need.

Employees – We aim to offer an extremely comprehensive benefits package and safe environment for humans to grow, learn, and succeed.

As you will see in our portfolio section of the website, every one of our companies and brands came from a story of assisting someone in either solving a problem, or building upon an opportunity.

Our vision to achieve this mission is to create a self-learning organization that people crave to work at.

What is a self-learning company? It’s a company where every employee is expected to produce knowledge within themselves and others and have direct measurable impact. It’s creating an environment that fosters intrinsic motivation through learning that’s supported by progressive benefits, therefore people can grow and learn ENALAS will be a desired place to work for decades to come.